Estelle Hanania

2020 Hallucinations (personal)

On going series of photographs made during isolation from end of March 2020 till we don’t know when exactly.… This work started spontaneously and I later realized it is an echo from the series Shady” I started 15 years ago. In 2005, I wanted to experiment with the photographic medium in a simple and modest way, by playing with various basic elements such as water, fire, earth. As an attempt to create some home-made special effects in order to confuse the viewer. My approach today is slightly different, but same magical visual trick is the key element. The series is displayed as a collection of random objects and odd scenes placed alongside each other. There are no apparent logical links but the cumulative effect is oddly compelling” (Cutting Edge article, British journal of photography, 2006) Shady” mutates, evolves and enriches itself over the years. New birth during this springtime quarantine. Same impulse which just emphasizes my strong belief that we don’t really change.