Estelle Hanania

2022 Moira (exhibition)

As part of a series of philanthropic, ecologically engaged group exhibitions at Sheriff Gallery, ‘MORIA’, curated by Sophie Strobele, unites a striking body of artworks, visually manifesting the significance and sacredness of trees. Challenging anthropocentrism viewpoints, ‘MORIA’ celebrates trees as symbols for symbiosis and collaboration; acknowledging their sensory abilities, communication skills, climatic influence, and spiritual power. 

Dans le cadre d’une série d’expositions collectives philanthropiques et écologiquement engagées à la Sheriff Gallery, “MORIA”, organisée par Sophie Strobele, réunit un ensemble saisissant d’œuvres d’art, manifestant visuellement la signification et le caractère sacré des arbres. Remettant en question les points de vue anthropocentristes, “MORIA” célèbre les arbres en tant que symboles de symbiose et de collaboration, reconnaissant leurs capacités sensorielles, leurs aptitudes à communiquer, leur influence climatique et leur puissance spirituelle.

Featuring :
Theo De Gueltzl
Octave Marsal
Lena C. Emery
Nick Waplington
Tahuanty Jacanamijoy
Pedro de la Fuente
Estelle Hanania
Hans Neumann
Laurence Ellis
Joachim Mueller-Ruchholz
Bianca Lee Vasquez

Presenting trees in their sacred existence as symbols of life and shelter, ‘MORIA’ by Sheriff Projects and the participating artists support Canopée’, an association mobilizing citizens for the protection of forests, as well as Now you see me Moria’, a creative collectif engaging for humane living conditions for refugees. Raised funds are collected and distributed through ERE.